Last update: 28.11.2018 08:10

On 28 November 2018, the “Rozvojarmok” event took place in Bratislava, aimed at private sector engagement in the development cooperation. The meeting of Slovak companies with the representatives of international financial institutions and the EU focused on the practical possibilities of engaging them in particular projects in the developing markets. In the presence of representatives of regional offices of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and local government of the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership, business opportunities in these regions were being discussed. 

On behalf of the organisers, Eva Goncalvesová, Director General of the International Relations Section at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, together with Anna Plassat-Muríňová, Director of the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Department at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, stressed the need for a strong partnership between the public and private sector.  Miroslav Kučera of the Rozvojmajstri platform, recalled that although Slovakia contributes to international financial institutions and the EU budget, very few Slovak companies are able to respond to opportunities arising from this cooperation and tap their potential. The Rozvojarmok participants could also draw inspiration and instructions for expansion from presentations of success stories of Slovak companies as well as at ad-hoc bilateral meetings.

The Rozvojmajstri platform has been supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic since 2015. It aims at providing advice to Slovak companies who are seeking to obtain contracts for goods and services in developing countries from international financial institutions. During the three-year existence of the platform, Slovak companies obtained more than 30 contracts in the development sector, in an approximate amount of 7 million euros. At the Rozvojarmok event, entrepreneurs had the possibility of arranging further specific business opportunities.

A briefing for economic diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovak Republic was held at the same time, focusing on the building the capacities for the Slovak economic diplomacy. Through effective communication with international financial institutions, economic diplomats are able to better provide Slovak companies with opportunities for engaging in particular development cooperation projects. 

Press Department
Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic