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Vision of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

The key Mission of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic defines its existence and its role.

The Vision is based on the Mission of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, which is stated as follows:
“The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic guards public finances and supports the prosperity of Slovakia.”

The Vision of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter “Ministry”) is a basic conceptual document that determines the principles of the Ministry’s operation and long-term direction. It is the basic pillar of the Ministry’s strategic planning. The Ministry’s Vision is formulated as:
“The citizens’ welfare through healthy public finances.”

The detailed wording of the Ministry’s Vision provides a closer definition of the Ministry’s purpose:
We are working to build a prosperous and economically stable Slovakia. We ensure the stability of public finances and thus contribute to sustainable economic growth. We are building a quality, performance-oriented institution focused on ensuring public satisfaction. We are a relevant partner in international groupings. We aim to develop financial literacy in order to increase the population’s welfare.

The main effort of the Ministry’s management team is to ensure the conformity of general government revenues and expenditures with the macroeconomic and strategic goals of the Government’s policies and monitor their efficient use, and ensure the fiscal consolidation and long-term sustainability of public finances within the euro area, compliance with the rules for the use of public resources, effective implementation of EU financial instruments and other foreign aid while respecting the principles of sound financial management, alignment of the tax policy with the economic objectives, reduction of tax and customs evasion and suppression of the grey economy. High-quality fulfilment of the Vision and the Mission of the Ministry, including the continued implementation and development of structural reforms, has the potential to support economic growth and the long-term competitiveness of the Slovak economy in order to bring the Slovak citizens’ standard of living closer to the European average.

Having a high-quality general government is essential for a continued successful progress of Slovakia. As a key general government actor, the Ministry has a highly professional staff, which is an important prerequisite for the sustainability and gradual improvement of the implemented changes. The Ministry’s management team directs its efforts so as to ensure that the Ministry, both at the budget chapter level and the service office level, is an institution that completes its tasks effectively and, at the same time, has a good and credible reputation with the public, other institutions and partners, as well as internally, with its employees. The attainment of this Vision will be characterised by conformity with a wide range of important principles and policies as well as the existence of relevant systemic mechanisms and processes.

The Ministry has clearly defined users of the outputs of its activities, including mainly citizens, natural persons and legal entities, primarily from the business sphere, public administration organisations, the Government, the Parliament and, to a large extent, EU institutions, international financial institutions, national financial institutions, regional and local authorities, non-governmental organisations and educational institutions.