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Sanctions list

Sanctions lists (including both natural and legal persons) form a part of the annexes to the UN Security Council's ("UN SC") resolutions and the annexes to individual EU regulations which bind all financial institutions of member states to immediately freeze the financial and economic sources of sanctioned persons. Sanctions are adopted by a transposition of the UN SC's sanction resolutions. This means that once a UN SC resolution is promulgated, such a resolution must be incorporated as soon as possible into EU regulation or an EU common position. At the same time, the EU may adopt its own autonomous sanctions against persons who are citizens of EU member states.

The Slovak Republic has met the request for setting up a national mechanism in the area of administrative exercise of international sanctions in accordance with the UN SC resolutions by establishing the process of an immediate incorporation of UN SC sanctions – the freezing of assets of sanctioned persons without any undue delay, namely by passing the international sanctions implementation law - Act No. 289/2016 Coll. on the implementation of international sanctions and amending Act No. 566/2001 Coll. on securities and investment services and amending and supplementing certain acts (Securities Act) as amended.