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Kremnica Mint, state-owned enterprise

head of the organisation:
Representation of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in the control body:

Štefánikovo nám. 25/24,967 01 Kremnica
045/678 7866 - 68
045/678 7801
Ing. Vlastimil Kalinec - CEO of the enterprise
Ing. Peter Habšuda, Veronika Gmiterko, MBA, Mgr. Pavol Škápik - Members of the Supervisory Board


Mincovňa Kremnica, š. p., was established by Foundation Deed of the Federal Ministry of Economy, Engineering and Energy Sector of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic No. 22/1998 of 27 June 1988 under Section 18 of Act No. 88/1998 Coll. on state-owned enterprise.

By agreement between the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic under Section 3 of Act of the Slovak National Council No. 453/1992 Coll., in accordance with Section 4 of Act No. 111/1990 Coll. on state-owned enterprise, as amended, the founder of the enterprise changed as of 31 December 1996. The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic provides the founding function and the function of the economic management body in relation to the state-owned enterprise.


The competences of the state-owned enterprise derive from the Foundation Deed with the following scope of business:

  1. business activities in the scope of free trade;
  2. automated data processing;
  3. metalworking;
  4. locksmithery;
  5. manufacture of tools, grinding and polishing of metals with the exception of the grinding of scissors and simple tools;
  6. metal electroplating;
  7. enamelling;
  8. construction of machines with mechanical drive;
  9. business in the field of waste management;
  10. road freight transport;
  11. private passenger road transport;
  12. public road public passenger irregular transport;
  13. casting ferrous and non-ferrous base metals;
  14. goldsmithing, silversmithing, jewellery and metalworking;
  15. stone processing;