The Fulfilment of the General Government

Slovak Republic publishes information about the fulfilment of the general government budget on the basis of Council Directive 2011/85/EU of 8 November 2011 on requirements for budgetary frameworks of the Member States.

The data are disseminated in millions of euros (EUR). The data cover total revenue/inflows and total expenditure/outflows on cash basis of the central government (including central budgetary and semi-budgetary organizations, social security funds, state funds, National Property Fund of SR, Slovak Land Fund, Slovak Consolidation Agency, Nations´ Memory Institute Slovak Republic, Health Care Surveillance Authority, Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, Radio and Television of Slovakia, Audit Surveillance Authority and public universities, Press agency of SR, Audiovisual fund, Danubiana, Council for Budget Responsibility, Railway Infrastructure Company) and local government (including local semi-budgetary and non-profit organizations).

The data are based on the actual financial statements of the central government and the local governments units. A budgetary year (fiscal) year is the same as a calendar year. The data are published:

  • monthly for subsectors such as central government and social security funds, preliminary data by the end  of next month, final data within 6 weeks after the end of the reference period;
  • quarterly for subsector such as local government, until the end of the following quarter.