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Reaction to the comments of SK8 and ZMOS on the call for funds from the state budget in the amount of 108 million euros

Last update: 17.07.2023 06:00

The previous government proposed to sign a "Memorandum on cooperation in dealing with the extraordinary impact of the current energy and inflation crisis on Slovak society and budgetary management" with local government associations in May this year, where the above-mentioned assistance was prepared as one of the proposals to compensate for shortfalls in their revenues.

Neither the signing of the Memorandum nor the conclusion of the Agreement by 15 May 2023 has taken place, and these funds are not directly earmarked for local governments in the general government budget for 2023. In this context, it should be noted that the budget situation for 2023 has changed significantly since then, following the conclusion of the 90th and 94th sessions of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic, and the current government cannot guarantee at this time what was verbally discussed by the previous cabinet. The Slovak Ministry of Finance wants to avoid the situation that in autumn it will have a problem to find the necessary resources in the budget for pensions or medical procedures.

This was also mentioned at the meeting of the Prime Minister with the representatives of the local government, with the proviso that after the expected development of public finances has been worked out, the government may get back to this topic in the event of positive news. However, ZMOS (The Association of Towns and Municipalities) and SK8 started to look for an alternative solution in the parliament, which means for the Slovak Ministry of Finance that they have left the negotiating table.

Press Department
Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic