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MF SR introduces its new transparent Open Data Portal

Last update: 14.04.2023 12:00

The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (MF SR) introduces its new transparent portal called Open Data Portal of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, which brings transparency in financial data. Thus, journalists, lay and professional public can easily find the necessary open data and data available at the Ministry of Finance, the State Treasury, Eximbanka, the Government Audit Office or the Financial Administration in one place. This is the first ever ministerial open data portal. Also, through this new platform, the MF SR is becoming a more modern, open and transparent public institution. 

The new portal is available at and is the result of several months of work by employees of the Ministry of Finance and the contractor. The aim was to make the Ministry’s data available to Slovak citizens, journalists and the professional public in a clear and user-friendly format.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to make this open data portal available to the general public. The way to a functioning democratic country is through transparency in the use of public resources. It is also further proof that this government has nothing to hide and is really serious about fighting corruption,” said Prime Minister and acting Minister of Finance Eduard Heger.

The most unique and specific data was made available for the area of state reporting, where the public can find the revenues and expenditures of general government, the annual report, data on the management of local government, datasets from accounting consolidation or the evolution of the Maastricht debt of general government since 1995. Within the visualised data, there are, for example, up-to-date financial summaries of the state of budgets for individual municipalities and their budget-funded organisations for 2022 in map form. 

“Our intention was to bring greater transparency in financial data in a modern and clear design, taking advantage of the positive functionalities of the Financial Administration portal, complemented by a local catalogue of open data or harvesting interfaces. The presence of these enhancements places this portal among the unique open data portals of European quality”, added Pavol Škápik, Director General of the State Reporting Section.

The portal is already divided into 11 separate units, within which not only data collected and generated by the Ministry of Finance are shared, but also by other organisations such as Eximbanka, the State Treasury, the Government Audit Office, the Financial Administration, and this list of institutions, and thus the scope of the data, will be gradually expanded. In addition to regular updates, data from the Value for Money Unit and the Institute for Financial Policy will also be added over time.

Open data is information or data that is freely and without charge available to everyone under the same conditions and can be used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial. 

Press Department
Ministry of Finance of the SR