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Ivan Mikloš introduced “Book of Reforms”

Last update: 14.09.2005 06:00

Eight reforms meaning the inflow of foreign investments, creation of the new jobs, or increasing the rating of Slovakia are described by the Book of Reforms, introduced to the public by its author Ivan Mikloš, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic and the team of his colleagues.

Small but all the more reform book should introduce the reforms to the general civil public. The book using transparent diagrams and tables informs about aims of particular reforms. At the same time it publishes the influence of the reforms to the growth of nominal and real wages, development of real pensions and unemployment.

“Researches of the public opinions indicate, that most of the people do not want to get back in spite of the fact the there were some difficulties brought by the reforms.” said Ivan Mikloš when evaluating the reforms.  Eugen Jurzyca, Head of the Institute of Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) has evaluated the contribution from the changes saying: “The come back of the respectability to the economic sphere and to the whole public is the most important aspect given to Slovakia by the reforms besides the continuous growth of standard of living.”

Tomáš Ježek, former Czecho – Slovak Minister of Privatisation and František Okruhlica, the important economy expert from the Economic University of Bratislava became the godfathers of the book.  "I wish, these reforms were useful to all, as wealthy men as well as poor ones” Tomáš Ježek said during the christening of the book while sifting the symbolic dash coins with the motive of Janošík to the new economic literature.

Mikuláš Gera
Head of Press Department