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Algeria paid one billion crowns of debt in advance

Last update: 19.05.2006 06:00

The Slovak Republic gained financial funds in the sum of SKK 1,030,922,136 from early payment of liabilities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria (DPRA) resulting from the Agreement between the Government of SR and the Government of DPRA on Restructuring and Payment of the DPRA’s debt against SR from 19.9.2002.  
In the sensible resolution of the Government of SR, all the funds have been transferred to the account of the pension reform held in the Treasury today, on 5th April 2006.

“Revenues from privatisation or payment of liabilities are purposefully transferred to the reduction of the public debt or to the pension system and educational reforms”, said Ivan Mikloš, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

Peter Papanek
Advisor to the Minister