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A new reference rate for the field of state aid

Last update: 22.09.2006 06:00

The European commission uses various economical indicators within the scope of authorisation check, in which also belong so called reference rate and interest rate related to the return of state aid.  The reference rate is used to calculate state the aid granted in relevant European member states in several instalments and state aid resulting from loans at preferential interest rate. The reference rate should mirror the average level of valid interest rates in mid- and long-term loans (5 – 10 years) secured in the usual way.

The reference rate can be revised by the European commission during the year, if it deflects by more than 15% from the average value of the guideline rates recorded over the last three known months.

In case of the Slovak Republic the indicative rates average recorded over the last three months differs by + 17.91 % from the current valid reference rate.

We announce that the new reference rate and interest rate related to the return of state aid has been assigned by the European Commission at the amount of:

5.62 % as of 1. September 2006

The reference and discount rates of the relevant member states publishes the European Commission on their web site: