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Value for Money

The role of the Value for Money Department (UHP) is to increase the value that the public receives for their money. Its main objective is to achieve higher effectiveness of general government expenditures, improve public services and consolidate public finance. We are not just looking for savings, but also for the ways to spend taxpayers' limited resources in the best possible manner for achieving the set goal (for example a healthier and population). Our department was established in June 2016.

Most of our work consists of public spending reviews and assessment of planned public investment projects. 

The role of the spending reviews is to assess all expenditures in one specific area and propose reallocation aimed at improved results. A comprehensive assessment of public spending is a standard part of the budgetary process in the OECD countries.

The Value for Money Department is also responsible for preparing and publishing assessment of any public investment project with the cost above EUR 40 mil, or above EUR 10 mil in the IT area.

We also play a role in the process of establishing and strengthening the analytical capacities across public sector institutions.

The implementation of the measures identified by the spending reviews is monitored by the Implementation Unit at the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

If you would like to know more about Value for Money, have a look at this presentation.

Value for Money Department cares about public control of its work, that is why we share it here: