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Materials passed by the Government of SR

The report on creating of conditions for implementation of projects with private partnership (Decree of the Government of SR No. 245/2005) – the first governmental document which dealt with PPP more complexly and analyzed the basic advantages and risks of PPP method.

The policy for implementation of public-private partnership projects (PPP) (Decree of the Government of SR No. 914/2005) – set up of principles and regulations of PPP projects to limit risks for the public administration budget

The proposal of the innovative financial instruments for the National strategic reference frame 2007 – 2013 (II. stage) – (Decree of the Government of SR No. 836/2006) – terms of the financial support for promotion of PPP method as one of the innovative financial instruments to support the building of public infrastructure  

The proposal of the implementation of the Technical Assistance Scheme for public-private partnership (PPP) (Decree of Government of SR No. 786/2007) – definition of tasks of the Technical Assistance Scheme for PPP, specification of particular stages in preparation and realization of PPP projects, institutional framework of PPP proceedings and tasks of particular stakeholders  

The proposal of the basic methodological and implementation documents relating to the management of the Technical Assistance Scheme for PPP (Decree of Government of SR No. 80/2008) – “the first package” of the methodological documents for contracting authorities
Methodological document „Process of PPP project preparation and implementation and control process“. (Decree of the Government of SR No. 499/2009) – guideline that goes step-by-step through preparation and implementation stages of PPP project.

Methodological document „Feasibility Study and Public Sector Comparator – content and requirements“. (Decree of Government of SR No. 500/2009) – describes required content of PPP project feasibility study according to best international practice and also specifies to compare value-for-money when project is delivered  via PPP and when it is delivered using traditional public procurement.

Analysis of legal enactments in reference to the feasibility of PPP projects in Slovak republic and concept of legislative proposals in the PPP field (Decree of Government of SR No. 609/2009) – a comprehensive analysis of legal enactments that regulate PPPs and proposals changes of legislation based on this analysis.
Methodological document „Guidance on how to select an advisor for preparation and implementation of a PPP project“ (Government of SR took cognizance of this document) – practical tool for public procurement for selection of an advisor for PPP project.