Healthcare (2016-2018)

Healthcare II. (2018)

The second spending review on health services seeks to identify the the best opportunities for improving patient health by increasing the allocation efficiency of available resources. The review proposes healthcare funding based on the total expenditure requirement. An increase in health expenditure above the level of inflation will be conditional upon demonstrating a positive impact on health outcomes. In addition, it is necessary to end growing hospital indebtedness, change remuneration mechanism for health care workers, set prescription limits and make DRG and eHealth fully operational. The main result outcome of healthcare remains reduction of amenable mortality to the average of V3 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) by 2020 with health expenditure rising at the rate of inflation.

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Healthcare I. (2016)

The target of the expenditure review on health services has been to identify potential savings, in health care spending in particular, and then using it for efficient and unavoidable investment in bed facilities and to slow down the growth of expenditure at the level of price growth in the economy. The result outcome to be achieved is the reduction of amendable mortality to the average of the V3 countries.

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