Healthcare (2016-2018)

Healthcare II. (2018)

Healthcare Spending Review II. seeks to identify the best opportunities for improving patient health by increasing the allocative efficiency of available resources. Emphasis will be placed on finding health-enhancing value measures that can be implemented while further reducing inefficient expenditure. The review will introduce funding based on setting total required healthcare expenditure, while improving the tracking of results and data collection. An increase of health expenditure above the level of inflation will be conditional on demonstrating a positive impact on health outcomes. In addition, the major prerequisites for faster growth are an end to growing hospital indebtedness, a change in the remuneration mechanism of health care workers, prescription limits, and the full functionality of DRG and eHealth. The main outcome for the healthcare sector is to reduce amenable mortality to the level of the average of the other V4 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) by 2020 with health expenditure rising at the rate of inflation.

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Healthcare I. (2016)

Outcome target of the review is reduction of amendable mortality through public health care system to the average levels in Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary (V3 countries). Achieving this goal requires effective redistribution of resources from cost inefficient areas to areas where they can contribute to amendable mortality reduction.

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