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Education (2017)

The review of education expenditure totalling 3% of GDP annually identified savings potential of 88 mil. EUR per year (0.1% of GDP) through the rationalization of the regional education network, abolition of education credits for teachers and increase in the proportion of students finishing their studies before master´s degree. The review suggests improving the position of teachers as a central element of quality, including a greater emphasis on practical training for future teachers. The report proposes an additional increase in tariff wages for young teachers and greater remuneration for demonstrable quality. In order to achieve better results in general, according to the review it is necessary to improve quality and availability of data on the results of schools, pupils and graduates, as well as to prepare a reform of the accreditation process for universities.

The spending review on education was prepared in cooperation with the Institute of Education Policy of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

Final report
Interim report
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