Statistical Reporting of Development Cooperation

Similar to other transition countries, significant room for improvement has been identified in Slovakia‘s development cooperation system, one of the areas being the reporting quality of the development aid projects. In order to contribute to effective allocation of public resources assigned for ODA MF SR decided to initiate the project aimed at building the system of the Slovak Republic development assistance recording and reporting. We believe that accurate and comprehensive reporting of development assistance is a crucial tool for building a solid information base, for improving quality of provided aid, transparency and effectiveness of spent resources and long-term planning of development assistance. Having all data available can enable planning on the basis of interim and ex-post assessments of effectiveness of resources spent in previous periods.

In cooperation with the private company and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs we have developed system called BIS.DEV. BIS.DEV is a web-based application created to facilitate recording and reporting of development aid provided by all Slovak donors. It is tailor-made to the needs of both Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, while simultaneously in line with OECD’s reporting requirements. BIS.DEV is designed to facilitate OECDcompliant reporting of development assistance flows for all Slovak donors, i. e. not only Government but also local administration, third sector and private donors. It fits well into the overarching budgetary planning and reporting framework. Connected to Budgetary Information System it enables constant control of spending an aggregate level.

The application enables complex recording of all features of individual aid projects as well as direct reporting of aid flows to OECD. The structure of data is fully in line with CRS++ methodology. The compliance was verified with representatives of OECD’s Development Cooperation Directorate at a consultation in July 2012.

BIS.DEV is constantly developed to reflect the most recent trends and new requirements stemming from both internal and external environment.

According to Development Cooperation Directorate (DCD) OECD information, Slovak Republic is the first of EU12 countries having developed such information system. The pilot use of the system is planned for the first quarter of 2013.